If you search a little on the internet to find out what people bring during a trip, you will often see the status of their bag when they leave, when they have put a lot of useless stuffs in their backpacks. And we did the same thing. Here is the list of our gear and the skeleton of our bag after four successive years of travels :


The bikes

-des Montague pliants X50.

On the bikes

-rear rack Axiom Journey Cycle Rack with Spring. Got it since july 2014. It supposed to fit for a 50kg weight but it broke with 20-25kg. A piece of shit.

-front rack Axiom Low-rider. Also bought in july 2014.

-front bags Axiom Seymoux DLX 45. Also bought in july 2014. Both torn everywhere. I don’t recommend it.

-One bike got a Brooks saddle, the other one a cheap gel one.

-All the gears are in Shimano. One of the best brand, strong and reliable.

-Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres Schwalbe Marathon Plus

-head torch
-one U metal lock with key and one code lock
-one small foldable seat

The backpack Ospreys Aether 70L. A very good bag. Some parts broke but I use it in very rough conditions for 4 years.

In the backpack
-inflatable mattress Thermarest Prolite small
-sleeping bag Warmth Unlimited G750 (confort -9 ̊C/extrême -18 ̊C).
-clothes :
-North Face pant, 2 long sleeves shirts, a jean, a strong belt, some smelling socks, 2 underwears, a small towel, a hat, waterproof pant, waterproof shirt and winter clothes as thermodactyl pant and shirt, gloves, warm pull-over
-baskets and flip-flops
Mac book air 11″
-a hard drive for photos/videos
Kindle Paperwhite 3G : 2-3 weeks of autonomy
-mp3 player Cowon X9. 90h of autonomy
-a tuperware with plasters, antiseptic, anti-diarhea, aspirin for hangovers, tooth brush.
-a sewing kit
-travel maps
-Moleskine notebook
-a chess game also used as a tool box
-documents : credit card, passeport, ID photos for visa, dollars in cash, insurance papers, driving licence.

In the front bags

-a 4 seasons tent Ferrino Pumori 2

-a mini inflate pump
-Allen keys, spoke key, brake and gear cables
-a petrol stove MSR Whisperlite International
-clearing water product
-oil for the chain