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Why you shouldn’t take the ferry between Panama and Colombia


This article has been only automatically translated by Google translate. We didn’t had time to improve it until now.

I tried it and I highly recommend for several reasons which I will develop. But first, do a quick update on the situation in the region.

There are a few weeks, we had the unfortunate surprise to discover that Panama has no land border with Colombia. For I hear a land border route allows to visit the other country by getting a stamp affixed by the attendant service. Instead, we find the “Darien Gap”: a populated mountainous region of guerrillas, drug traffickers and whatnot that we are not in a hurry to know. Some attempt the trek crossing, “ they had problems! ” looks like another. A significant proportion will leave feathers, to rename the region “Darwin Gap” on the model of “Darwin Awards”. Before last November, so there was the plane’s solution to Colombia from Panama City and the tourist crossing by sailboat to over $ 500. Since then, a ferry link was opened between the Panamanian and Colombian city of Colon to Cartagena with one boat transported from the Adriatic. The cheapest ticket is $ 99, the basic cabin at $ 125. Either the price of the plane ticket between Panama and Bogota. We see already difficult because the advantage on top of that should go to Colon 100km from Panama City.


It’s even worse when the company’s practices known “Ferry Xpress”. Their website mentions first a price of $ 75 per bicycle on the ferry. Shit, more expensive than by air! I do not book, thinking as usual, once the bike folded in his bag, it will be just another bag. No, everything is done to make you pay extra and be sure they fully tâteront the bag to discover the content. So I have to pay me the same bike tax than those who have nothing at all folded or $ 25. Hey, why pay $ 75 online and $ 25 on request instead? Pleasant surprise if you have not booked online. That is not very clear. During the time you spend waiting for the archaic recording your luggage, a big burly tries to sell you Colson at $ 1 a piece you sure that it’s required and attempts to detect the slightest hole in your luggage for you sell a $ 5 plastic filming. The thing is you do not have a choice. A hole, $ 5 (payable in cash and without receipt) or we refuse to take your luggage. Another point ambiguous: the prohibition to bring food on the boat under cover in their view of international law. I wish I knew what INTERNATIONAL law prohibits food on a boat. Behind of course the ferry to the buffet quality / price ratio doubtful awaits.


You then go through the same security systems in an airport like we could crash the ferry arriving in a building (I know they do that in Speed ​​2 but …) and immigration Colon as fast as the US. Not because we ask you unnecessary questions 50, no. This is because we have assigned one rascal colliding for the boat. The whole course starting late so that the crossing has already lasted 17 hours. In the cabin, the party continues with no electrical outlet (they have them installed in the corridor, it makes sense), no hot water in the net who wants to get out of the furred head and water to stagnate in the taps from the Adriatic. The output of the boat completes the picture with filter the few passengers we still like to lose a little more time.

Alex for his part flew from Panama City to Bogota following my advice. A flight hour, $ 130. Choose your fellow camp.

ps: I heard emailed the company to inform them of my opinion on their services.

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P'tite Mougeotte, le Tuesday May 5th, 2015

Et t’as eu un retour suite à ton mail? (Remarque, tu n’en attendais peut être pas)

shelot saintilus, le Thursday October 29th, 2015

Pour acheter ce billet pour ce rendre a pamana, Ferry exige quoi si vous etes un etranger non reside dans le pays…

Greg, le Friday October 30th, 2015

Ils n’exigeaient rien de spécial (du fric et un numéro de passeport) mais aux dernières nouvelles (voyage-forum) le ferry ne fonctionne plus depuis quelques temps.

ZIMMERMANN Jean Marie, le Thursday November 12th, 2015


Comme je vais me trouver dans la même situation avec mon vélo dans quelques semaines quel vol et compagnie à pris Alex car je n’ai rien trouvé à 130 US$ entre Panama et Bogotà

Merci de votre réponse


Greg, le Thursday November 12th, 2015

C’était avec Viva Colombia mais je viens de vérifier et leurs prix ont augmenté à presque 500$. À mon avis, ils s’étaient alignés sur les prix du ferry et ont remonté depuis que celui-ci s’est arrêté.
Le moins cher semble être Copa Airlines maintenant.

wisly, le Tuesday March 8th, 2016


moi je voudrais connaitre exactement le nom de la ville de colombie que je peux trouver un bateau pour rentrer a panama


Greg, le Tuesday March 8th, 2016

Salut Wisly, c’est cette ville là :

Dom, le Sunday October 27th, 2019

Ça m étonne pas qu’ il est mis du coup la clef sous la porte! Voyage cette année pour nous (2019) et plus de ferry…
Nous on a pris l option bateau. Un catamaran spécialisé dans les travellers et backpackers ( avec arrêt par les îles San Blas (on savait pas que l eau puisse être si bleue, ma copine a blindé son compte instagram de photo✌) a bord que des travellers (super ambiance) on a échangé nos bons plans. Et on s est trouvé des potes de routes.
La Colombie extraordinaire! Et plutôt safe. La bouffe génial! Juste on a pas trop accroché avec cartagena mais c est souvent comme ça les grosses villes.