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Crazy dogs, tacos and exotic bugs

Sometimes I wonder why I hurt my butt on an unfriendly saddle five hours a day, knowing I will eat the same dull meals and can’t expect a shower after sweating all day. It happens, weirdly, often when it rains, … Lire la suite

First mexican contacts

Weird border at Nogales. The US customs doesn’t check our passport but ask for stupid questions and the Mexican custom office is 20km after the first town… The people make us understand that life won’t be easy without speaking spanish … Lire la suite

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Crazy dogs, tacos and exotic bugs


Sometimes I wonder why I hurt my butt on an unfriendly saddle five hours a day, knowing I will eat the same dull meals and can’t expect a shower after sweating all day. It happens, weirdly, often when it rains, facing a strong wind or a big climb. However for the first 1200 kilometers in Mexico we had none of that, but what a boredom !

We needed a break and it happened in Mazatlan, for a week of doing nothing not much. We met Peter Smolka, german cyclist who started a new trip. He cycled more than 200.000km in 25 years, three times less than the pope of touring Heinz Stücke but still impressive. He, as well, did the first world tour with a hub gear (made in germany !). Time to say goodbye to our new friends, and we keep going south, following the coast. We spend christmas in a pineapple field and new year’s eve on an empty beach with a restaurant close to it.

Peter Smolka

Réveillon sur la plage

The next days are not really more exciting, but we slowly get closer of Guerrero, the state where 43 students had been arrested by the police in september 2014 and handed over to a local crime syndicate and killed. The event got local and international coverage and showed everyone the ubiquitous corruption between the local politics, local police and drug cartels. Travelers and locals advised us not to go there. When you consider it from a closer look, it all happened in Igualpa which is closer of Mexico City than Acapulco. Should everybody stay away from the capital as well ? I don’t even speak of the ubiquitous presence of federal police since the abductions, the area is probably much safer than it used to be.

In the Michoacan state, west of Guerrero, local indigenous populations are painting support slogans on bridge for the students and the fight they carried.

Michoacan, pont avec slogan

Still alive to testify, it seems that we were right. The biggest challenge of those last weeks was to avoid dog attacks. Lethargics like their owners, the sight of a cyclist wake them up instantly. We are used to, ready to grab the stick and kick their truffle if needed. More exotic, we met our first tarantula. One the road, it’s alright, but when one decide to crawl between my feet when I have my breakfast…. Panic ! Rock > Gravity > Splatch. We learn a bit too late that this one is harmless for man and is a protected species. Double splatch, sorry Brigitte.

Brachypelma smithi

We found another exotic beast in Acapulco : bugs, Volkswagen. They are everywhere, thousands of them (blue and white taxis, roadsters, ramshackled, new) and we found no reason for it. The city itself doesn’t present much interest, the seaside resorts aren’t our cup of tea.

Volkswagen coccinelle

Volkswagen coccinelles

The south of Mexico reconciled us with the country even if we had no crush for it. South beaches are virgin and wild and mexicans are warm people with who it’s easy to start a conversation even with a stammering spanish. The ubiquitous police presence is reassuring and we never felt any danger. We regret the roads are full of trash and rotten dead animals. At last the food is very boring, tortillas, quesadillas and tacos, same fight. It’s like offering sweat french crêpes, salted one, small or folded. In the end it’s just a crêpe. Small consolation, it’s good.

pepe meme, le Sunday February 1st, 2015

contents de lire un nouvel article chez nous les crepes c’est pour demain la chandeleur courage pour continuer a pedaler vous allez peut etre bien retrouver des cotes il faudra vous accrocher a une coccinelle bonne contination bisous meme pepe

Crêpe Mougeotte, le Monday February 2nd, 2015

Une crêpe c’est une crêpe… Et puis quoi encore ?! Désolant !
Y a les crêpes caoutchouc (malheureusement les plus répandues), les crêpes classiques, les crêpes dentelles, les crêpes suzettes… et puis y a NOS crêpes.

Allez on fera une petite “crêpéducation” à votre retour !

DUB DE CHARNAY, le Thursday February 5th, 2015

Salut les Mecs!

Alors elles vous manquent les crêpes de Maman??
C’est bizarre, vous ne parlez pas de Téquilas??? ça m’étonne!!

@+ Les DUB de Charnay.

Peter, le Friday February 6th, 2015

See you in Guatemala? I am in Tulum right now, Yucatan peninsula.

Bon voyage – Pedro

Alex, le Wednesday February 11th, 2015

Hey Peter
Be careful in Guatemala. 2 guys attacked us, with guns, after Santa Maria de Jesus on our way to the volcan Pacaya. We made it through, obviously a bit lucky.

Same same around the Atitlan lake. There can be bandits in between Santiago and San Pedro. There is a few km of very bad dirt road where we had to push the bikes. They usually attack here apparently. We’ve seen nothing but if you want to stay safe, there are boats linking all the towns around the lake.

We are in Nicaragua now ;)

MI, le Thursday February 12th, 2015

Vu que Chuck Noriss le souhaite et étant donné que je ne suis pas de Charnay, je fais un petit effort, et, promis je like régulièrement votre page Facebook !
Bravo pour vos incitations diverses et variées, que je n’avais pas remarqué jusque là…
Je vous propose une motivation, lorsque vous en manquer : le plaisir que vous nous procurez à découvrir le monde ( depuis notre canapé :) )
Un grand bravo, bisous.

pepe meme, le Saturday February 14th, 2015

coucou est ce que le lait qu’on trait soi-meme est meilleur que celui qu’on prend dans une boite bravo vous etes en train de vous recycler le troupeau est important bonne continuation gros bisous pepe meme

Alex, le Saturday February 14th, 2015

Hé oui, bien meilleur !
J’ai trait ma première vache au El Salvador !