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“Ni cons ni gras”


New York, Museum of Architecture

My next destination will be Africa and my various flights have led me to New York, more or less voluntarily. It was the least expensive stop and I chose to stay two days there to rediscover the city nine years … Lire la suite


On the desert road

Leaving San Francisco has been incredibly difficult. One month without cycling, sleeping in a proper bed, a nice city, incredible hosts, a kitchen, beers… We had no valid reason to go back cycling, camping and eating our daily plain white … Lire la suite


San Francisco

Nous avons effectués le trajet le plus rapide au monde. Même Ariane 5 peut aller se rhabiller. Partis de Christchurch le 3 octobre à 15h, nous arrivons à San Francisco à 11h… le 3 octobre. Nous sommes très déçus en … Lire la suite