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« Tortillas bandits et courtes personnes »


Bad bandidas

We say goodbye to our host family in San Pedro La Laguna and then hop into a small boat across the lake. Goodbye school, the small family, the bandits of the mountains. The next destination is Antigua, very close to Guatemala City … Lire la suite


One week at San Pedro La Laguna

We arrive at San pedro La Laguna around 6pm, a paved road like our bike love and we get the first white guy we cross to ask him where to find a wifi. Let’s go to a cyber. The Guatemala … Lire la suite


On the road to Central America

End of Mexico is slowly coming. Slowly because of a face wind we had from a long time. It’s sometimes so violent that we need to stop every 50 meters to see the circulation coming behind. When the wind push … Lire la suite